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  • SNAP: Large-scale Graph Analysis  v.0.4SNAP (Small-world Network Analysis and Partitioning) is an extensible parallel framework for exploratory analysis and partitioning of large-scale networks.
  • Iqr large-scale neural systems simulator  v.686.2.4.2iqr is a simulation software to graphically design and control large-scale neuronal models. Simulations in iqr can control real-world devices in real-time. iqr can be extended by new neuron, and synapse types, and custom interfaces to ...
  • Large Scale Optimization Templates  v.1.0Highly tunable, simple to use collection of the templates, containing a set of classes for solving unconstrained large scale nonlinear optimization problems. Currently it contains: -- Limited Memory Quasi Newton (L-BFSG) -- BFSG -- ...
  • Total Network Inventory (JP)  v.1.6.0Inventory computers on a network in a few minutes with Total Network Inventory! Total Network Inventory is a PC Audit and Network Inventory software for office and large scale enterprise networks.
  • Quartz Enterprise Scheduler .NET  v.2.0.1Quartz.NET is a full-featured, open source job scheduling system written in C# for .NET platform that can be used from smallest apps to large scale enterprise ...
  • Open Enterprise Architecture  v.1.0Used by business architects and technical/solution architects to support large-scale enterprise architecture. The metadata is closely mapped to TOGAF and Zachman standards, and can easily be adapted to other architectural methods and frameworks.
  • LogSaw  v.1.0.1LogSaw is a high-performance log file viewer based on the Eclipse platform and powered under the hood by the fabulous Apache Lucene search engine. Development started in July 2009 out of the need to handle events logged by a large-scale enterprise ...
  • EMMA code coverage  v.0.6EMMA is a fast Java code coverage tool based on bytecode instrumentation. It differs from the existing tools by enabling coverage profiling on large scale enterprise software projects with simultaneous emphasis on fast individual ...
  • BLUNT  v.1.0BLUNT is a software package that contains a set of programs that can be used to find frequent patterns in large scale biological networks. Data integration is achieved through labeling of graphs.
  • BizMDA  v.1.0The BizMDA platform will be the next-level development platform for developing large-scale enterprise SOA software solutions using MDA technology, jBPM, JBossRules and Wicket.
  • MdaWorks  v.1.0The MdaWorks platform will be the next-level integrated Eclipse based IDE for developing large-scale enterprise SOA software solutions using MDA technology, jBPM, JBossRules and Wicket.
  • LaNet-vi (Large Network visualization)  v.2.2.2LaNet-vi provides images of large scale networks on a two-dimensional layout. The algorithm is based on the k-core decomposition. For more details see ...
  • A Framework for DSS in ad-hoc networks  v.1.0This is a standard framework to evaluate Distributed Signature Schemes (DSS) in ad-hoc networks. Using this framework it is possible to build novel simulators, that allow to evaluate distributed signatures protocols for ad-hoc and large-scale networks.
  • Enterprise C  v.1.0Enterprise C is a set of tools and conventions to allow the development of high-quality/large-scale projects using C as the base language.
  • Large Experiment and Evaluation Tool  v.1.0LEET (Large Experiment and Evaluation Tool) is a front-end software utility for WEKA that simplifies large-scale experiment and evaluation of algorithms and datasets in the classification context.
  • MyServer  v.0.8.5MyServer is a powerful and easy to configure web server. It is based on multi-threaded architecture, which makes it extremely scalable and usable in large scale sites as well as in small networks.
  • JDisc Discovery  v.1.2JDisc Discovery is a network inventory solution that has been developed with more than 10 years experience in the area of network discovery for medium to large scale networks.
  • BioManta  v.1.0The BioMANTA project will focus on the computational modeling and analysis, primarily using Semantic Web technologies, of large-scale protein-protein interaction and compound activity networks across a wide variety of species.
  • EZ OSS  v.1.0Software tool to integrate the data from different repositories, verifying its authenticity and binary exactness. Focus on large scale data manipulation with user friendly interface and enterprise level reliability.
  • COS - Parallel Community Detection  v.0.99Clique percolation method On Steroids (COS) enable k-clique communities to be detected, in parallel, from large-scale networks. Its low memory requirements, together with its linear speedup, make it really efficient, even on dense, highly ...
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